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Calling all innovative startups!

push4impact, a visionary strategic investment company, invites you to be part of an extraordinary pitch event. As experts in high-precision automation for the semiconductor and medtech industries, push4impact is eager to share its knowledge and expertise to help accelerate your growth.

We are seeking exceptional startups operating in technology fields where our experience can be leveraged for mutual success. If your venture is involved in areas such as sensors, space missions, additive manufacturing, ultrasound, optics, displays, energy systems, targeted therapies, nano robotics or similar this is the opportunity you've been waiting for!

Furthermore, our focus aligns with global megatrends with profound impacts on digitalization, automation, new energy, life sciences, and photonics. If your activities are shaping the future in these transformative areas, we want to hear from you.

Don't miss your chance to connect with push4impact's visionary team and gain access to invaluable resources. Embrace this opportunity to propel your startup towards unparalleled success.

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You can't wait until the next public pitch?

Then apply proactively for a pop-up pitch at our homebase in Freiburg.
If we are a good match, we will get back to you with an invitation and a possible date proposal.

Your Popup-Pitch - live at Freiburg!

Convince us in a 7-minute live pitch and we'll join in.
What you present to us remains yours!
Questions will be asked by our panel.
Perform freestyle and use our large monitor, all connections available.


Basler Straße 64–66
79100 Freiburg

Inspire our panel and get rewarded!

Immediately after the event, push4impact will enrich your businessplan with a 360° analysis, solidifying the foundation for an investment decision. After that, you will get the stage to perform your upgraded pitch at the PI-board and our engaged investors.
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